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Our Services

Getting anywhere in Rome is easy with us of Rome Transfer, courtesy of the experience of Dino Santoro, the company’s manager, as well as the whole team. We offer our clients a great variety of services to help you easily make transfers in Rome and the surrounding cities. Below we outline our main services and invite you to contact us for more personalized options. It is our pleasure to work with you to ensure the highest quality at a great price. Please note that we primarily provide a hired car and chauffeur service; however, upon request, we can also simply provide the services of a professional driver to help you with your transfers in Rome, and all of Italy.

Transfer service from your arrival location to Rome

We service airports, seaports, and railway stations. Our service makes your transfers simple: to and from the main airports, for example from Fiumicino to Termini and Ciampino to Termini; all of Rome’s train stations; the port of Civitavecchia; and any other airport, maritime or railway station.

Shopping tour in Rome

Rome is also known for its shopping and high fashion. One of the most famous streets, where shopping reigns supreme, is Via dei Condotti, which is located between the Via del Corso and the Spanish Steps. With our transfer service you can ride in luxury as we take you to the most prestigious boutiques.

Excursions and tours in Rome

Our well-informed staff will reveal the Eternal City’s secrets and beauty to you. Savor your stay in Rome as our drivers guide you through the monuments, and restaurants. We specialize in the area of Rome, but we can cover all of Italy, upon request.

Sporting events in Rome and beyond

Our service allows you to transfer between your home base and Rome’s stadiums and arenas so fans won’t miss any of the top sporting events whether it is their favorite football game, tennis match, or any other of Italy’s sporting events.

Wedding transfer services

During the most important day of your life, you can rely on our service to transfer the bride, groom, and guests, to and from all the event locations. Our experienced and courteous drivers will make your special day even more magical.

Drivers for children

Our service includes a special option in Rome and the surrounding cities to help parents who need an extra hand picking up and dropping off their children at school, sporting events, or any other extracurricular activity. With our reliable and safety-certified drivers, your children will be in good hands.

The quality of our offer for transfer service in the area of Rome and all of Italy

We pride ourselves on cleanliness, punctuality, comfort, discretion, safety and impeccable service. All of our drivers are licensed professionals and are registered in the Register of Drivers at the Chamber of Commerce. Professionally dressed in suit and tie, our drivers stand out for their elegance and extremely courteous manner. The staff is highly qualified to make your transfers in Rome and to all of Italy, relaxed, comfortable and safe. Whenever you need, you can always trust us to find drivers who will be at your disposal for as long as necessary. 

It is fundamental to our service that our drivers are reliable, discreet, and knowledgeable. They will provide you with accurate information and suggest places where you can have fun and pass unforgettable moments with your sweetheart, your friends, or your colleagues. They will listen to your needs and direct you to the best solution, so that you can enjoy your free time all day long whether it is for romance, fun, or business. We offer drivers who can speak any language, upon request. Our goal is satisfy your every request, with personalized service.

We have a fleet able to satisfy even the most precise customers who want to travel in style, elegance and sophistication. Our fleet offers following models:

Mercedes E-Class sedan and station wagon,

Mercedes S-Class,

Mercedes Vito minivan 9 seats,

BMW 5 Series.

All cars are newly registered, equipped with leather interiors, and all the options that provide comfortable and safe transfers in Rome and all of Italy. If you should require a different vehicle, one can be provided upon request, thanks to our agreement with other car services.

It is fundamental to our service that our drivers are reliable, discreet, and knowledgeable. They will provide you with accurate information and suggest places where you can have fun and pass unforgettable moments with your sweetheart, your friends, or your colleagues. They will listen to your needs and direct you to the best solution, so that you can enjoy your free time all day long whether it is for romance, fun, or business. We offer drivers who can speak any language, upon request.


Our main objective is the safety for our customers so that they can reach their destination traveling comfortably and securely by relying on a trusted partner. All our cars are newly registered, clean and, above all, regularly checked according to the highest standards.

All our company’s drivers have several years of experience in the field and are prepared to handle any unforeseen event with the utmost attention to our clients.

In compliance with regulations, all our drivers are certified and have passed the final examination for an advanced fire safety-training course. This course covers theoretical and practical knowledge that is indispensable to implementing all fire safety measures and first aid. This course can make the difference regarding your safety. Knowing even simple techniques, our drivers can use the materials and resources available to provide first aid to an injured individual, in order to stabilize his/her condition, facilitate recovery, and perhaps, even, save his/her life.

Though our cars and drivers are for individual hire, we provide a public service, and our cars are, therefore, subject to annual inspections that guarantee our customers complete all their transfers in Rome with the utmost safety. Our drivers follow the industry’s professional standards and comply with preventative and periodic tests that verify and exclude the possibility of drug use (drug-test) and/or consuming alcohol during working hours (alcohol test).

Choose us as the best choice to travel serenely, for business or pleasure and to make transfers with the maximum security, in Rome and other destinations in Italy.


Our limousine service caters to individuals whose travel not only requires high performance in terms of quality, but also competitive prices.

Rome Transfer rates are calculated on time and/or distance, and are extremely competitive, especially when compared to the classic service provided by Rome airport taxi service, Civitavecchia to Rome or any train station and other destinations. Our service is a convenient alternative to a cab, which is mainly used for short in-city trips. A Rome airport taxi’s fee is displayed on the meter that shows, from the moment of departure, the amount to be paid determined by a calculation based on time and mileage. In general, this rate is calculated by a fixed part (according to the determined minimum) and a variable part (depending on day, time slot and taximeter), which increases on the basis of distance and time.

With Rome Transfer, your fare for the transfer is guaranteed as soon as you book. Our service is personalized, and that rate is guaranteed, regardless of traffic. Another advantage to our limousine service is the opportunity to choose the type of vehicle you want, be it car, minivan, or any other vehicle. Our service is reliable, comfortable, and convenient to take you anywhere you want to go, outside the perimeter of Rome, and even long distances trips all over Italy.

Our hourly rates provide the opportunity to hire the vehicle for at least three hours with a surcharge for night hours from 22.00 to 6.00.

The fare for Rome airport transportation, Fiumicino and Ciampino, starts from € 35. The fare from the airports to the center of Rome starts from € 37 (the additional € 2 cover parking while waiting for our clients). The fare to and from the port of Civitavecchia to Rome, starts from € 110. For example we can transfer you from Rome Fiumicino to Termini.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card with a surcharge of 10% of the total.


Traveling from, to and in Rome and beyond is easy, convenient and comfortable with us. Whether you are a frequent traveler, be it for work or pleasure, or simply someone who does not want to sacrifice elegance and sophistication at affordable prices, Best NCC Roma ensures quality, style and safety to bring you to your destination.

Our services are the very best to help you with any transfer your need in Rome and the surrounding area. We will drop you off and/or pick you up from any airport, train station or port (as close to the ship as possible thanks to our special annual permit). We also provide you a Rome airport shuttle or a simple Rome airport transportation with our cars.With our service you will travel in the utmost comfort, free from the stress of driving, traffic, or parking, especially after a long journey.

All the cars in our service can circulate freely in controlled traffic zones, are able to travel in lanes reserved for public transport, and circulate on days when normal traffic is prohibited. In short, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, helping you avoiding the stress of traffic jams and delays that could cause you to miss your train, ship or plane. You can get to the airport, train station and/or maritime ports on time and stress-free thanks to our reliable and professional drivers, who will be given your contact information when you make your reservation. When you arrive, your driver will meet you with a sign bearing your name at a pre-agreed upon location. We offer you a Rome airport shuttle because we think that is important travelling in the comfort during the rome's airport transportation. Moreover, at Rome’s major airports we have reserved parking spots (covered parking at Fiumicino and uncovered at Ciampino), to provide optimal solutions to fit your every need. All these elements make our transfer service an affordable luxury, able to satisfy our customer’s every wish.

City Tour

Our chauffeur service allows you to fully enjoy Rome, the wonderful Eternal City, with its rich history, art and culture. In addition to the main sites, we will also take you to lesser-known tourist destinations and our favorite local spots, which are full of charm and mysteries waiting to be discovered. Wherever you want to go, from the sea, the surrounding mountains and lakes, you will always be supported and advised by knowledgeable and professional staff. We are at your service and want to make your stay unforgettable.

We organize city-tours for everyone’s needs: business, cultural tours and special events and occasions. Our service covers Italy and beyond, thanks to a staff’s years of experience in the field and excellent command of English. Upon your request, we can provide a driver who speaks any language you want and, if desired, an experienced guide.

For our most precise customers, we organize and plan in detail vacations of any length, from a weekend to a week or more, just tell us what you want. We will organize excursions in the areas surrounding Rome and to your favorite destinations in Italy.

To make your special moments as relaxing as possible, we will take care of booking the hotel, restaurants, clubs and any other attraction you desire. We offer the best value for your money thanks to our many partnerships. Our mission is to allow you to spend your leisure time without worries and in complete freedom.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote.

Quality Guarantee

Anywhere in Rome, to other destinations in Lazio and Italy, our service ensures competence and quality at the highest level
Our services aim for excellence and satisfaction of all our customers. Both our staff and our cars are marked in particular by high degree of reliability and quality.

Your baby is in good hands with our transfer service

On request, we can provide a car-seat for your child!
If children under three years old are traveling with you, we can equip our cars with an appropriate car-seat or booster seat so you and your child ride in complete safety.

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