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A Peaceful Journey from to Rome

Ara Pacis, Rome While you travel after your arrival to Rome in tranquility and serenity, thanks to the economic prices of our transfer service, you might contemplate visiting the Museum of the Ara Pacis and the Mausoleum of Augusts. After Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC, his nephew, Giaus Octavianus (Octavian) became the first Emperor of Rome. The Senate awarded him the title of Augustus in 27 BC, and this marked the shift from Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. He married Livia, the first Empress of Rome, forming the Julio-Claudian dynasty. The Roman Empire thrived under Octavian’s forty-year rule. The emperor even boasted he took a city of brick and transformed it into one of marble, through his extensive building campaigns. Two significant monuments from his reign are the Ara Pacis, an altar dedicated to Pax the Roman goddess of peace, and the Mausoleum of Augustus, where many of the members of the Julio-Claudian dynasty were buried.


From anywhere in and near Rome to the Altar of Peace

We suggest you celebrate your triumphal arrival from in Rome with a visit to the museum of the Ara Pacis. The Roman Senate commissioned the Ara Pacis to celebrate Augustus’ return from Gaul and Hispania after an absence of three years. The altar was located on the Campus Martius, the Field of Mars, but due to the flooding of the Tiber River over centuries, is was partially buried and in various pieces. To celebrate the two-thousandth anniversary of Augusts’ birth, the Italian cabinet excavated, reassembled, and transferred the altar to a location next to the Mausoleum of Augusts. The Ara Pacis was housed in a new building on the site, which was designed by Richard Meier and opened in 2006.

The museum is a great place to relax in the middle of your sightseeing journey while your transfers in Rome. Here, in a nicely air-conditioned building filled with natural light, you can explore every inch of the altar. The museum has interesting didactic materials to put the altar into context including: models, videos, and text panels. One thing you might not know is that Roman sculptures were often painted to look more realistic, including the Ara Pacis. Sometimes, the monument is lit up with a colored-light projection to recreate the altar’s original appearance.

The bottom of the outer-walls is covered in a beautiful scrolling vine, the acanthus. This same plant inspired the composite order capitals. Hiding among the acanthus are several other flowers and animals that all have symbolic meaning. Above the vegetal reliefs are panels showing a procession of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Based on the unique physiognomy, hairstyle, and clothing of the individuals, scholars are identified several members of the procession. You won’t have to walk in a procession from your arrival location to Rome, because our transfer service, will escort in style worthy of an emperor anywhere your heart desires.

Feel free to have a seat, linger, and contemplate this beautiful monument to peace. When you are feeling refreshed, your Rome Transfer driver will be waiting to transfer you to your next location in continued comfort and luxury, just like your initial journey form any airport, port or station to Rome.


Check out the Mausoleum of Augusts, the first Emperor of Rome

Augustus built his mausoleum in 28 BC. The circular monument featured rows of cypress trees and a fifteen-foot tall bronze statue of the emperor. Several members of his family were buried there, including the emperors Tiberius and Nero. Others, were purposefully deprived of the honor, for having thought to betray the Empire. For instance Tiberius banished Agrippina the Elder from Rome and denied her burial in the mausoleum. As soon as Agrippina’s son Nero became emperor, he retrieved his mother’s ashes and transferred them to the mausoleum in Rome.

For all your transfer needs in the Eternal City, we are here to help you. We will make all your transfers in Rome or around the city simple and comfortable. You won’t need to worry about figuring out bus routes, where to get off, or how to manage the subway. We will help you enjoy your holiday in Rome worry free!

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