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The best transfer service in Rome, leads you to the discovery of Campo de’ Fiori square

campo de fioriWith our transfer service in  Rome, it is easy to plan a visit to the vivid little square in the vicinity of the Piazza Navona, called Campo de' Fiori. The square has continually hosted a colorful historical open-air fruit and vegetable market, every day since the fifteenth century. As the name Campo de’ Fiori suggests, the site was previously a field of flowers among noble palaces and medieval streets. When the nearby Piazza Navona was chosen to host the main market of Rome in 1478, the surrounding area was inundated by a huge flow of merchants and commodities. Campo de’ Fiori became an important commercial center for handcrafted products, and subsequently many craftsmen decided to set up their workshops in the narrow streets around the square. Because of these shops, the streets today still bear these descriptive names, such as Via dei Giubbonari (Tailors’ street) and Via dei Cappellari (Hat Makers’ street).

Your transfer service in Rome can continue your tour through the city, by stopping at the most fascinating attractions, including Campo de’ Fiori and its fascinating history. The square has been the theatre of many crucial, sometimes bloody, events of Rome’s history. At the center of the square there is a massive statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno. He was burned at the stake in 1876, under the reign of Pope Urban VIII during the period of Inquisition, for having supported Copernicus’ theories. After this sad episode, a committee of college students decided to erect a commemorative statue to be observed by visitors to the square.

Enjoy Campo de’ Fiori and the surrounding areas with our chauffeur service in Rome

A few steps away from Campo de’ Fiori is a hidden treasure, the Bramante’s Cloister, behind the church Santa Maria della Pace. Donato Bramante’s (1444-1514) was one of the most active and refined artists and architects of the Italian Renaissance, and this cloister was his first Roman work. During your transfers in Rome, consider making this place a stop of your tour. Bramante’s Cloister is a monumental complex encircled by an arched portico with Ionic and Corinthian columns. Off of the portico were rooms for the monks collective life and living spaces, which today are used as an exhibition hall. The restoration of the Cloister, finished in 1997, has permitted to host numerous international art exhibitions, concerts, cultural events, and meetings. From any location to Rome, the transfer service offered by us will ensure your comfort and relaxing journey before you immerse yourself in the Roman cultural life at the Cloister.  In few minutes you can go from Campo de'fiori to Ghetto of Rome.

During the day or at night, chose our Rome transfer service to get to Campo de’ Fiori

Nowadays, Campo de’ Fiori is mainly a daytime market that opens every morning from Monday to Saturday. It is possible to find fresh fruit and vegetables, together with a wide variety of restaurants and street food. Additionally, along the streets around the square there are many fashion clothes and artisan shops for tourists and locals. You can easily decide to have lunch here at the end of your journey from your arrival location to Rome.

At sunset, Campo de' Fiori changes its face and becomes one of the favorite meeting places for nightlife in Rome. Populated by young people, both Italian and foreigners, Campo de’ Fiori offers many bars and pubs on the square and surrounding streets. The atmosphere is bubbly and cheerful. The direct transfer service in Rome will ensure you a rich and authentic Roman experience full of local customs and tradition.

Our expert drivers will guide you through the streets, monuments, and restaurants in Campo de’Fiori. With our service, it is easy and fast for you to transfer from one place to another, because our vehicles can travel in limited traffic zones, in lanes reserved for public transportation, and on days when normal circulation is prohibited. Do not wait to contact us for more personalized options. We will make your journey simple!

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