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Our transfer service takes you to one of the most beautiful Pond of EUR in Rome

pond of eurWith Rome Transfer, your tour in Rome starts with a transfer and continues with a sequence of transfers, tailor made to suit all your needs and desires. As a mater of fact, the city of Rome, with all its magnificent parks, offers tourists many different options to enjoy natural locations. In the south part of the city, there is a big lake surrounded by a large green space. It is a pleasant place to relax, sunbathe, and play sports during the week or on weekends. The park is also ideal for children who can run around and play freely. The original design of this park, know as Pond of EUR, dates back to 1936, but its practical realization occurred in the postwar period. In particular, it was opened on the occasion of the 1960 Olympic Games. Along the way, you may find other green spaces, but be sure to ask your Rome Transfer driver to take you here.

You may like a traditional Japanese picnic after the transfer in Rome

Raffaele De Vico designed the park around the pond, which hosts a rich variety of flora and fauna such as olive trees, oaks, poplars, maples, and magnolias. But this is even more! The pond river hosts the so-called Walk of Japan, decorated on both sides with some wonderful Japanese cherry trees, donated by the city of Tokyo. They line the path with bright clouds of white and pink flowers every year in late March and early April. In this period, Japanese people gather in the park to picnic under the delicate cherry blossoms, to picnic on typical blue towels. In recent years, thanks to the publicity on social networks, the event has peaked the curiosity of people from different parts of Rome, keen to see the show and to spend pleasant days at the park. Did you ever imagine that after your transfer, you could admire such a spectacle of nature? Immerse yourself in Japanese culture, wrap yourself up in a kimono, and walk under the cherry blossoms in Rome.

When night comes, enjoy the stars over Rome

From the sea to the city, from the earth to the stars! The new Planetarium of Rome opened on May 26, 2004 at the Museum of Roman Civilization in the EUR district, over 20 years after the closure of the old planetarium. The planetarium is a machine of space and time. It makes every part of the sky available to the public, providing a perfect reproduction of the starry sky on a huge vault. Visitors can admire the motions of the Sun and the Moon, planets on the background of the Zodiac, the Milky Way, and 4500 stars. Touching the sky with a finger after a comfortable journey  is something that you can easily do thanks to Rome Transfer. The planetarium of Rome offers a wide program of live astronomical shows, conferences, events and observations aimed at all audiences, to get people closer to the wonders of the sky and unveil its secrets. A fascinating mix of emotion, technology and scientific rigor is at your disposal. The nearby Astronomical Museum takes visitors on a journey from Earth to the universe, through great videos on space, time, and the origin of the elements, offering an engaging immersive experience. The Planetarium also hosts large models of the planets, dioramas, and interactive multimedia stations with astronomical video games.

The EUR district offers many other attractions that you can visit, and when you are satisfied with all the charming attractions in this area, you can ask your driver from Rome Transfer to take you to another amazing place in Rome. There are many different places you can visit thanks to our professional and courteous chauffeur service. Moving inside Rome may be difficult, tiring and expensive. Thanks to us, your holidays can only be a memorable experience. Do not wait too long, reserve your place and enjoy the Eternal City!

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