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Rione Monti, from the Qurinal Hill to the Esquiline Hill

Rione montiThe neighborhood of Monti is one of the most fun to discover while you’re wandering in Rome. Like Paris, Rome is also divided into neighborhoods called rioni. These Rioni often take their names from monuments in the area. In Trevi, you will find the Trevi fountain, and Ponte is named for the Ponte Sant’Angleo. Monti, or mountains, is the hilliest region and includes parts of the famous Seven Hills of Rome: the Quirinal, Viminal, Ceilo, and the Esquiline. Don’t worry about having to climb all these hills though! Rome Transfer’s service will take you to the top where you can enjoy some exquisite vistas.

The Best Roman Food: Eating in Monti

You should definitely investigate Monti on your tour. Here you will find Fata Morgana’s gelateria, which you can sample on your gelato tasting tour of Rome. In the morning, ask your driver to drop you off at the corner of Via dei Serpenti and Via Nazionale. Head south on Via Nazionale, as the street changes angles, you will be treated to a splendid view of the Colosseum. Keep heading south, to peruse several bars that feature delicious cappuccinos and pastries. You could try the Antico Caffe del Brasile for some of the most delicious coffee in the area! You can also browse restaurants’ menus for a delicious dinners or bakeries where you can gab a slice of pizza to go.

Make sure you taste some traditional Roman dishes as you sample your way. As you keep walk-ing south you will pass Via Panisperna. With a large curtain of ivy hanging over the street, you can’t miss it. If you climb up, you will see the church S. Maria Maggiore at the end of the street. On this street is the restaurant La Carbonara. It is named after the typical pasta dish of Rome that is made with bits of bacon (pancetta) and eggs. Another traditional pasta dish of Rome is Cacio e Pepe, made with a grated hard cheese (cacio) and a bit of black pepper (pepe). In this neighborhood you will also find Indian res-taurants, Brazilian sushi, and one of the best piazzas anywhere at pizzeria Wanted. It is located at the corner of Via dei Serpenti and Via Cavour. The Margherita is a classic Italian pizza made with mozzarel-la, tomato sauce, and fresh basil to recall the Red, White, and Green of Italy’s flag. The Margherita is typ-ical of Naples, where it was created in 1889 to honor Queen Margaret of Savoia’s visit. For your antipa-sto, you have to try the supplì. These are balls of rice and tomato sauce formed around a piece of moz-zarella, which is then breaded and fried. They are sometimes called supplì al telefono, because a good mozzarella will be stringy when you bite into, just like a telephone wire. There are several other deli-cious flavors; have fun and try something new. If you are too full to walk home, don’t worry. Rome Transfer’s drivers are ready to help you with your transfer back to the hotel, or out on the town, or any-where.

Taking a break in Monti

We won’t give away all of Monti’s secrets, so there are still lots of surprises for you to uncover. If you like to take a pause and rest your feet, take a look at the Piazza Madonna dei Monti. The piazza is named after the church that borders it. In the Piazza, there is a lovely fountain where you can rest, have a drink out of one of the nasone, and sit on some benches, or even the fountain’s steps, while you enjoy a slice of pizza or gelato. If you are feeling a bit more festive, you could get a Spritz or a glass of prosec-co at one of the cafes surrounding the square, and enjoy the dolce vita in Rome! No matter where your wanderings lead you, Rome Transfer’s chauffeur service will be there for you! Ask us to brign you at the Porta Maggiore in the comfort of our cars!

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