A visit to the EUR is what you need after your journey

The eurWhen you choose the transfer service in Rome with Rome Transfer, you have the opportunity to discover extraordinary monuments located in periphery of Rome. The EUR district, for ex-ample, is a patchwork of recent history and modernity that you can easily visit just after your journey.

The EUR stems from a Fascist era project. In 1935, Mussolini expressed the desire to create a monumental open-air space that could adequately accommodate the Universal Exposition of 1942. As a matter of fact, its original name was E42, but that was later replaced by the current acronym for Universal Exposition Rome, EUR. Unfortunately, due to the out-break of the Second World War the long-awaited event was never able to take place. Never-theless, the district has continued to grow year after year, and today it is a business district that is home to several major national and international companies.

During the trip, discover the twentieth century in Rome with Rome Transfer

The EUR district is planned on grid, with majestic geometric buildings primarily built out of white marble and travertine. These buildings create a modern twist on Imperial Rome, re-calling the city’s glorious past. The Palace of the Civilization of Labor and the Congress Pal-ace are the most important buildings in this neighborhood. While you are enjoying your transfer to Rome, don’t hesitate to ask the driver to take you there.

The Palace of Civilization, also known as the Squared Colosseum is the symbol of the EUR district. The building contains six floors designed in a squared, rational style that re-flects the monumental Fascist architectural movement. It is made of cement walls, which are covered with slabs of travertine on the exterior, while the interior is almost entirely covered with marble. In the arches of the ground floor arcade, there are twenty-eight statues depict-ing personifications of Italian values and positive attitudes, such as heroism, political genius, art and music. On top of the building, an inscription reminds the viewers of the Italy’s rich history: "A nation of poets, of artists, of heroes, of saints, of thinkers, of scientists, of mi-grants.” The building has remained unused for many years, except for sporadic initiatives. Since July of 2013, the Municipality of Rome granted the fashion company FENDI a fifteen-year lease. Today, the ground floor is devoted to exhibitions, which are open to the general public, while the rest of the building is devoted to Fendi’s offices.

The Palazzo dei Congressi is one of the most famous and representative examples of ration-alist architecture. The architect, Adalberto Libera, wanted to give the building a majestic as-pect so he combined modern lines and classical features, which now make it a monument admired around the world. Besides the vast halls that are renowned for the beauty of the marbles, the Palace has a spectacular 1,085 m2 terrace, embellished with hanging gardens and an open-air theater. It is entirely built out of high quality marble from Carrara. The inte-rior of the Palazzo dei Congressi inner is decorated with sculptures and pictures by im-portant Italian artists of the twentieth century. Today, the structure hosts prestigious nation-al and international events. Yesterday and today, people travel to visit this place.

EUR district in Rome, from the past to the present

Since October of 2004, the EUR hosts an exhibition of the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro’s works entitled Twentieth Century. The name accurately describes the iconographic intent of the sixty foot bronze spiral cone: a sculptural transposition of the key events that defined the twentieth century. The spiral is also a symbol of the passing of time, depicting continuous, dynamic, and constant progress. The same progress and modernity we make available to you through our transfer service in Rome. If you are interested in progressive buildings, the Eurosky tower is something that you should not miss. It is the highest architec-tural work of the city and the tallest residential structure in Italy. The project is notable for the adoption of the most modern technological and environmentally friendly solutions: solar panels, regeneration plants, and rain water reuse. Your Rome transfer experience could end at the pond of Eur, spending a peaceful day. Ask our drivers to bring you at tor Marancia, where is a big park.Think about it during your journey!

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