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Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome, is easy to reach thanks to Rome Transfer’s service

Villa pamphilij1With  Rome Transfer service, getting to one of Rome most beautiful parks is not only possible, it’s easy! Villa Doria Pamphilj is the biggest historical Villa in Rome spread over sixteen hectares. Located on the Janiculum hill, which is dedicated to Janus, the Villa Pamphilj is located just outside the Aurelian Walls and bounded by ancient Roman streets that you can enjoy during your Rome transfer. Villa Pamphilj is the only villa that has survived with all its buildings and grounds largely intact. The only exception is when the park was divided in the 1960’s to create the thoroughfare Via Leone XIII (Via Olimpica). Today, a bridge connects the two sides of the park.

Plan to visit Villa Pamphilj.

While walking through the park you can visit the Palazzo Corsini, Casale di Giovio, and Casino del Bel Respiro. If your journey ends in Villa Pamphlj, you will enjoy gorgeous views and fresh breezes in this park.

On the square after the pine forest, is Palazzo Corsini, an eighteenth century building remodeled between 1866 and 1869, which hosts a Theater (House of the Theatres) and two libraries. Looking from the Palazzo Corsini windows, one can admire the Deer Valley, an area covering sixty thousand square meters, which was previously inhabited by the wild deer. Its was arranged as a Tuscan garden. Deer Valley is also notable for its geological riches: in some places deposits characterized by successive volcanic and sedimentary layers have surfaced. Scientists found golden sands in the deposits, which gave the region its former name "Mt. Gold.” Today, however, it is known as Monteverde or the Green Mountain. You can ask your Rome Trasfer chauffer to take you directly to see this villa as the beginning of your tour in Rome after your journey. It is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and breath deeply.

During your journey in the Eternal city, take the opportunity to plan your tour of Rome and include Villa Pamphilj. You can enjoy a walk along the Avenue of the Maglio and reach the Casino del Bel Respiro, formerly known as Palazzo delle Statue. The baroque building is characterized by an exhibition of sculptures placed according to an architectural design. Passing through Via Aurelia Antica, you will easily reach the Villa’s main entrance. A few steps further, the Garden Theatre will surprise you with its charm. Built between 1644 and 1652, it constitutes the most important part of Villa Pamphilj, and consists of a fountain and the two valuable statues: the Faure and the Venus. A few steps ahead, you can find, on the left, the neo-Gothic chapel Doria Pamphili and the Fontana del Giglio.

A vivid park to enjoy at the end of your comfortable Rome transfer service

If your journey ends in Villa Pamphilj, you will spend your time in unimaginable beauty. Every day, hundreds of people spend their free time walking in the Villa, jogging, or sharing picnics on the grass with family and friends. The west part of the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj looks like a typical Roman countryside and has a children's play area. Moreover, there is a pond fed by an artificial waterfall, which is quite refreshing on hot summer days. The Villa offers a skating rink and polo field, two paths, and a "Jogging" point. When you are done, you can get cleaned up in the structure managed by the Italian Union Sport for All (UISP) with showers, changing rooms, toilets and the security service. If you want to end your day as Romans do, you can join the open air free yoga classes offered every day at sunset lead by professional yoga teachers, found nearby the main entrance. Finally, if you are not yet tired, book your table at a bistrot inside the Villa. Eat organic food, drink good vine and enjoy fresh ingredients while you soak up the cozy ambience. It will for sure make you feel like the luckiest tourist ever!

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